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is the beautiful sorceress in Homer's operatic history poem,
The Odyssey.

An epic tale of civil war, lust, and power written by the survivors at the dawn of civilization.

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The Legend of CIRCE
      The story begins with the abduction of Helen. Yes, beautiful enough to launch a 1000 ships, Helen. Queen and spiritual head of the low land Greeks, kidnapped by Paris defender of Greek highland shepherds and man about Troy. Take two different ways of life, one fertile goddess, throw in betrayal, lust and power, a ticked off King, add a liberal sprinkling of propaganda and what do you get? - The tragic saga of the Trojan war.

      We pick up the legend of Circe 10 years later, Troy has been sacked, the warrior Odysseus, and his men after years of bloody war, are sailing around lost .They land on a strange island. Appearing to be uninhabited , smoke is spotted so Odysseus dispatches his men to the interior to check it out..


      They find a magnificent house of polished stone set in garden estate There are lions, wolves and other fierce creatures tamed as if under a spell. At first they are afraid, but as they get closer they hear wonderful singing. Before they even knock on the door, Circe appears before them. Awe stuck by her beauty she tempts them with delicious food.

      All except one have completely forgotten that they are knarly battle hardened troops on a raiding party in paradise and he watches as they fall victim to the ol' drugged food trick, only slightly less well known than soldiers hiding inside the wooden horse trick. Circe waves her magic wand and 'Kapoof!' they all become pigs!


      Odysseus hears of the fate of his men and sets off to save them - Hermes the messenger God appears just in time with a plan "Don't eat the food ! Wait until Circe believes you are seduced ,then jump up ,draw your sword and under threat of death warn her not to try anything." This seems to do the trick ,after all ,someone in heaven must be looking after him


      Time passes. Odysseus is still hanging around, pleading with Circe to change his bunch of brutish soldiers back from their cuddly domestic animal form. After much listening to music, laying around, eating, pleading and pet feeding Circe relents, and turns them back to men.

     Aftermore laying around in splendor with the guys Odysseus gets it in his head that this life of wine, women and song is no life for stout hearted pig farming Greeks. So he does some more pleading, "help us get home Circe. We might one day found an empire, invent logic, democracy and philosophy, but right now we miss our old farms."

      Circe, instructs him that she couldn't possibly know where his home is as she is already at home. However if he must go she does know this guy who lives on a most terrifying aspect over looking the river 'Styx' and he knows where home is and you can find him easily - he lives just beyond hell.


So the Greeks sailed with their
backs turned to the pleasure
and intrigues of palace life on
Circe's island and into history.

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